Misconceptions About Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing can be a very cost-effective way to get your message across and your company’s name in the mind of the consumer. But some companies shy away from it because they have misconceptions about how it is used and its effectiveness. Here is a list of misconceptions that we have heard about Direct Mailing:

24707038_SMisconception #1 | Direct Mailings just end up in the trash

The best Direct Mail companies have compiled extensive lists of consumers who have specifically asked for information about certain products and services, and have already shown an interest in them. They do not send out “uninvited” mail, and this keeps a focus on companies’ target consumers, as well as saving time and money.

Misconception #2 | Direct Mail Marketing can’t be specific

This simply is not true. Direct Mail Marketing companies can be as specific as you are. You describe and delineate your focus group, and Direct Mail companies will find people that have already “opted in” to receive mail about a very particular subject or product. This way you can be pretty certain that your mail will be opened and read.

Misconception #3 | Direct Mail Marketing and Email Marketing are the same

No, they aren’t. And most companies will only use one or the other. In the Direct Mailing case, the consumer has a hard copy describing your services or a product in her hands, and oftentimes this is more conducive to a sale than Email. There are some Direct Mail Marketing companies that will offer you both options.

Misconception #4 | Consumers just don’t read Direct Mail correspondences

Certainly there will be some people who will just idly toss out Direct Mailings, but because Direct Mail Marketing has the potential to be personal, and specific, with a special focus on a target consumer – someone who has already expressed a desire to know more – the business of Direct Mail is showing growth every year. Using Direct Mail Marketing is a speedy and very effective way to reach new customers.

Direct Mail Marketing isn’t a mystery, and if you mount a well-constructed and thoroughly thought-out campaign, it could be an excellent way to increase sales and grow your consumer base.