Direct Mail Marketing Services by One Plus Mail						Here’s how Albany GA’s One Plus Mail’s services can help make Direct Mail advertising work for you:

Consult with us in the planning stages of a project. We can suggest ways to save you time and money on printing and distribution.

We’ll locate or create the perfect mailing list for your product or service to target a specific audience. Your direct mail sales success is directly related to the quality of your mailing list.

We’ll maintain your mailing list in-house. Frankly, your staff has better things to do than this tedious, time-consuming job. We can also provide NCOA updating of your lists to keep your addresses current.

We’ll handle all your mass mailing programs. We can get you back to your “real” job by handling your company’s mass mailings for you.

We can save you enough money on postage to pay for our service. Our software can CASS certify your mailing list for you to get automation discounts on your mailings.

We work fast. If a fast turnaround is key to your success, we’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done on time. And our unique relationship with the Post Office can also speed things along.