Tips for Direct Mail Marketing


Though there are countless tips for successful mail marketing campaigns, we are only going to focus on a couple of the most important in this post. Even doing one or two of these tips really well can make a huge difference in your campaign! We’ve already talked about the importance of planning and tracking your campaign; here are a few other things to keep in mind:

Nobody likes unattractive advertising cluttering up his/her mailbox. Of course, when you are making a direct mail marketing campaign, it’s not a pleasant reminder, but it is a necessary one. Although you can’t get around the fact that you are stuffing advertising into people’s mailboxes, you can control their response to your mailings.


We talked about different methods of tracking results here. Use different methods of tracking results to get a feel for what works best. Also experiment with logos, fonts, colors, sizes, and content. Different things will resonate with various clients. Try different tactics to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Use Postcards

Postcards are more likely to be read, so they might be a better bet for targeting your first audience than letters. If you decide to go with postcards, make sure they are the best representation of your business. After only a few seconds of glancing, your target audience will have made a judgment about whether or not to continue reading. Use colors and fonts to your advantage.

Respect Your Audience

Research has shown that customers respond very well when they feel that their intelligence is respected. There is too much junk mail around for your audience to be hooked by the stereotypical claims and free offers. You want your audience to feel that you are trustworthy. To do this, treat them as informed consumers and stay away from any clichés of junk mail—both how it looks and what it communicates. Instead of claiming to be “the best restaurant in the United States”, talk honestly about your business. One business did this really well by using this line: “Come in and try the worst sandwich one Yelper “EVER HAD”.

Consider Every Detail

When you are designing your campaign, you should be thinking about everything you are trying to communicate because every choice you make will create a certain impression. What kind of paper are you using? What kind of font? What colors are you using? Is your design consistent? Will your audience feel called to action? If you answer each of these questions thoroughly, you will have a much more successful marketing campaign.