Make People WANT To Open Your Mail

3991364_S1Direct Mail Marketing is here to stay, and still one of the best ways to get your message across. But if your recipients don’t open your mail, it is all for naught. So you must construct a strategy to make the most of your marketing, make the envelopes inviting, and make your target demographic curious enough to open that envelope in the first place. Here are a few guidelines you might want to think about.

Make your presentation as professional as you can. People tend to respect authority. If the envelope looks serious and uses phrases like “For Your Eyes Only” or “Important Documents Enclosed”, you are more likely to get someone to open it up.
Try to use quotes from a famous donor or spokesperson on the envelope. Authority figures carry a lot of weight. Use photos when you can.

You must find a way to get past the knee jerk response that your envelope contains junk mail. Make the sender sound like someone important, like your CEO. Try to make the mail personal, so the recipient feels special, and say that this mail would appreciate a response.

Use keywords like “Introducing”, and “Free”. People are attracted to words that signify something just for them is inside.

People will often ignore mail that asks them to actually do something. So make sure that you explain why responding or donating would be beneficial to them.

As most people are generally concerned with number one, play to the individual. Make him or her feel special and that this offer is tailor made for them. Give them good news and flatter them.

People are more inclined to say “yes” to an offer that says “Limited”, or “One Time”.

Getting people to that point of curiosity is not as difficult as we sometimes make it. And a little curiosity is all you need from prospective customers to get them to open your envelope. That is your “hook”. Just be sure to make your hook inviting and intriguing. Then you will be sure to get a response.