How Colors Affect Marketing

For some of your clients, the first time they hear about your business might be through the mail. Luckily, the most important part of selling a product or service is the visual appeal. But did you know that the colors you choose to market with are actually effecting how your brand is perceived? Branding is an extremely important concept to consider when you are coming up with designs for your mail outs. For example, companies that have chosen to use black as a main color are often perceived as luxurious and powerful. Think about those luxury car commercials. Most often, the commercials feature a sleek black version of the car not because it was the only car they had available for the shoot, but because black cars are a symbol of power and success.

Check out this infographic by kissmetrics. Think about what they are saying in terms of your mail ads. What are your colors and designs saying about your business?

Colors of Marketing4