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Checklist for Creating A Mail Campaign


Once you have decided that a mail campaign is ideal for your business (great decision for many reasons), you will need to begin creating a step-by-step plan so that your mail campaign becomes a success for you and your company. Many businesses will find that certain things work, while others result in less impressive turnouts. Here is what you can do to make sure that your mail campaign is profitable for your company:

Acquire an address list

Addresses are so important when it comes to running a business. For one, you’ll want to know where your demographic is located, which neighborhoods they come from, and how much they can afford. You can build your address list by having customers sign up for rewards cards, including it as a necessity on paperwork, or asking them explicitly if they would like to receive your mailings. Keep an updated list of your customer’s addresses in an excel document which can easily be turned into printed materials. You can also receive mailing lists specific to your audience through third party companies. This allows you to reach tons of people who may not have heard of you yet. One Plus Mail also keeps track of and maintains your mailing list for you. Upload your current address list here.

Create Your Mail Piece

Design something that will well represent your company. Do you want it to be a newsletter? A coupon? An advertisement? An exclusive offer? There are endless possibilities. Make sure that your design is attention grabbing and easily readable.

Track Results

Design a way to track your results. Know exactly to whom you are sending your mail. How many pieces are you sending out? Create a way to follow who returns your calls to action. How many coupons were used? These are all great ways to know if your campaign was a success. If you send out a thousand coupons and only one is used, you may want to rethink your initial plan. For more tips on tracking your results, see our previous blog post.

Contact Your Mailing Service

Enlist in the help of a mailing service such as One Plus Mail. They will handle all of the rest for you. From organizing the mail, to addressing your envelopes, to getting postage, all of the tedious tasks that require a surplus of time on your part.

If you have any questions about the process, or if you are ready to get started, give us a call or visit our contact page.

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