5 large Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing is Not Dead!

Direct mail marketing is very much alive, and thriving! It’s understandable to think why it could be dead, with the recent explosion of technology this past decade. Most people are skeptical about this because of the efficiency of email marketing, but truthfully, direct mail marketing works perfectly when coupled with email marketing. If you are curious or skeptical, check out some stats on the infographic below.

Many businesses, B2B and B2C alike, still use direct mail marketing to their advantage. While blogging and internet marketing are the fast lane to success, it doesn’t mean they have to replace the traditional, effective methods. Some businesses might think it’s a waste of time, and assume that their readers toss the mail in a junk pile. Well, you know what they say about assuming, you, and me…..

Tossing mail aside only to be ignored is a bad habit for some people, but not everyone. Understand that many people still read their mail, they still open their mail, and they still respond well to direct mail marketing. Think tangible gifts, coupons, and other things your audience would like to open a letter to get. Include that in your mail and your open-rate increases dramatically.

Below you’ll find 5 major benefits of direct mail marketing

  1. Direct mail marketing allows you to target varying demographics. You can tailor to a specific audience and set of interests, bringing in qualified leads and visitors who are more likely to convert.
  2. With graphics and incentives, you can entice readers to follow you on social media, thus increasing your following.
  3. You can personalize by name, and even send birthday marketing messages. You can do the same with E-mail of course, but people always love receiving tangible, personal mail; they’re sure to open messages tailored specifically to them.
  4. The results are easy to track and count, as you can see how many inquiries you obtained from one marketing send-out.
  5. Cost efficient and effective, direct mail marketing has proven to work; many major companies have relied on it for a long time.

Statistics on Direct Mail Marketing from www.centralmailing.co.uk

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