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Connect With Your Donors: Why Do People Donate?

Americans donate billions of dollars each year to various charity organizations. For many, the main reason is certain tax deductions. However, what are the core reasons people choose to donate their money to charity organizations? There are as many reasons for donating, as there are people, but there has to be some common shared inner… Read more »

The Marketing Benefits of Freemiums

According to www.freemium.org, “The term freemium is coined using two powerful words – ‘Free’ and ‘Premium’. It describes a business model where you give away a core product for free and then generate revenue by selling premium products to a small percentage of free users.” For example, say you accept an offer from HBO for… Read more »

Direct Mail: Just as Efficient as Google for Small Businesses

Direct mail marketing specialist, Craig Simpson, thinks that it’s a mistake for small business owners to believe that Google is the best marketing tool for them. He says, “The truth is, more commerce and wealth is created by direct mail than any other media.” Simpson, along with Dan S. Kennedy has written The Direct Mail… Read more »

5 large Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing is Not Dead! Direct mail marketing is very much alive, and thriving! It’s understandable to think why it could be dead, with the recent explosion of technology this past decade. Most people are skeptical about this because of the efficiency of email marketing, but truthfully, direct mail marketing works perfectly when coupled… Read more »