10 New Ways to Improve Open Rates on Direct Mail Marketing

When it comes to any form of advertising or marketing you want to get the best return on your investment. Direct mail marketing has its own rules for success in this niche.  Get your mailers into the open pile and out of the garbage pile with these 10 easy to follow tips.

1.       Handwrite the address – if you type out the address it doesn’t look personalized, and the recipient feels that they are just another number in your system.

2.       Use a return address label – one that looks personalized to you, but do not include the company name on the label. Also use a street address, rather than a PO Box.

3.       Use a real stamp- aim for a seasonal stamp, nothing grabs someone’s attention more than a Santa stamp at Christmastime.

4.       Use attractive keywords – people are more likely to open things that say “free”, “announcing”, “now”, etc.

5.       Reach out several times – direct mail is not a one shot deal; it is a long term endeavor.

6.       Be sure to answer the question “What’s in it for me?” when sending out mail

7.       Put a personalized headline on the envelope so it grabs the recipient’s attention as important.

8.       Use creative packaging – surprising the recipient with a “prize” inside is a sure fire way to get your envelope opened.

9.       Use a clear envelope – this way the reader can get a sneak peak at what is on the inside.

10.   Put a tracking number on the envelope – people will think that it must be important if they are seeing to it that the letter made it to their door.